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Vinted 2023


Improve the user experience of a well-known mobile app. No UX research is required. I chose Vinted, the popular company that sells second-hand clothing.


I initiate analysing the company and the heuristics of the mobile app. After identifying the pain points, I focus on the search and the main page. The user may get lost in the newsfeed due to the lack of priorities and the infinite scrolling feature. Together with the poor quality of many photos, the user loses the energy of buying something.
For that, I decided to improve the filter preferences to adapt the feed based on each user. Split the main page into 3: Newsfeed, Favourites and For you, making simple and quick the navigation.
Then I made an atomic design based on the current app and improved some details and colours to support my proposed improvement.
Finally, I created a hi-fi prototype with micro-interactions.


March 2023

My roles

Product designer
Project manager
User interface designer

Teamwork partners

Marina Cotanda
Dominika Gluchowska

Tools & methods


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